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Snow, ice, heat, salt and stones can all cause damage to our dogs paws.

Our handcrafted vegan paw balm contains all natural ingredients to protect and moisturise your dogs paws without unnecessary ingredients and fragrances.

CANDELILLA WAX -  Promotes healing and acts as a binder to stop oils and liquids separating. We have used this plant based wax in replacement of bees wax which is usually used in salves.

COCONUT OIL - Has antiviral and antibacterial properties. It helps various skin conditions including dry and itchy skin and helps soothe and heal paws and prevent potential damage.

SHEA BUTTER - Protects and nourishes your dogs paws. It soothes irritations and helps boost the recovery process.

OLIVE OIL - Rich in antioxidants and helps protect paws from free radical damage.

VITAMIN E - Has antioxidant properties that protect skin cells from damage and is proven to reduce healing time.

All of the above ingredients are doggy safe, natural and beneficial and they are completely "Lick Safe".

Apply twice a day to clean dry paws and massage in.

25g tin. 

Paw Balm

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