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Dental hygeine is an important part of your dogs overall health.

Brushing their teeth on a daily basis is the best way to remove plaque and prevent a build up of tartar. (Not to mention morning breath).

Our healthy tasty pet safe vegan toothpowder won't send your dog running when you get the toothbrush out.

Made from:

  • Parsley & Mint - A fabulous breath freshener.
  • Cinnamon - Helps alleviate inflammation and fight infections.
  • Diatomatious Earth - Mild abrasive ingredient.

(Fossilised algae and completely vegan. We have used this rather than baking soda which can be harmful to dogs).

Price includes a free doggy toothbrush.

Simply dampen the toothbrush, dip it into powder and brush away.

50ml tin.

Natural Mineral Dog Toothpowder

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