Made with Plain Flour, Ground Chamomile Flowers, Hemp Seeds, Parsley and Vegan Chicken Stock, 

Suitable for vegans.

Approx 55g a bag.

HEMP SEEDS - Contain Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids which moisturise the skin and reduce itchiness and promote a healthy coat. Hemp Seeds have anti-inflammatory properties that reduce joint pain. They are full of fibre to aid a healthy digestive system.

Hemp Seeds are naturally calming to reduce stress, anxiety and obsessive behaviours.


CHAMOMILE - Is a mild sedative and is naturally calming. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic properties which are great for upset stomachs. It also helps soothe itchy skin & eyes.


LOW FAT 1.7g per 50g 

As a guide for a medium size dog,  approx 6 treats an hour before any trigger event.


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  • Per 50g

    ALLERGENS - Wheat

    Flour 92%

    Hemp Seeds 5% 

    Parsley 0.6%

    Chamomile 2.3%

    Vegan Chicken Stock 0.1%

    Energy 176 kcal

    Protein 4.9g

    Carbohydrates 39g

    Fat 1.7g