Eco Friendly Dog Soap - the Pawfect alternative to commercial shampoo! 🐾🛁🐾

A gorgeous smelling alternative to commercial dog shampoo: Lemongrass, Citronella & Spearmint (anti-itch & anti-bacterial, naturally flea and tick-repellant)

So easy to use, 100% eco friendly, with dog safe essential oils. Great to get rid of that freshly rolled in fox poo smell our dogs love (as an alternative to ketchup)!


Made with the highest quality, plant-based ingredients, no harsh detergents such as SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate which strips the skin of its natural oils) or SLES (sodium laureth sulfate, a “harsh” detergent which strip fats and oils from hair & makes the hair shaft rough), paraben free, tested on humans, plastic free and completely cruelty free.


Very bubbly & deep cleaning soap, it’s anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin. It lathers amazingly well & rinses out far more easily than shampoo. Very economical lasting for ages. Contains Vitamin E, an excellent moisturiser without weighing down the coat. Helps make coats glossy, good for greasy coats. Soaps are 100g-110g approx. and may vary in shape and colour.










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  • FAQ’s

    How do I use it?

    You just wet it, lather it in your hands, it lathers up really well. Rub the lather on your dog or you can rub the soap directly on them once they are wet, then it rinses out really nicely…just like human shampoo bars if you’ve ever used one of those.

    Is it good for sensitive skin?

    Yes it’s ideal for minor skin conditions like itchy skin and dandruff however for very sensitive skin or serious conditions please always consult with your vet.

    What if I’m using medicated shampoo the vet recommended?

    The soaps are not medicated so if anyone is using medicated shampoo as advised by their vet, it would be advisable to continue to do so.

    Can I use it on cats?

    No, the essential oils are toxic to cats.

    Can I use it on horses?

    Yes, yes, yes! It works wonders on tails and manes.

    Can I use it myself?

    Yes, it’s tested on humans (me) so humans can use it too though soap for human use is classified as a cosmetic and subject to lots of complicated tests.

    Is it safe for dogs?

    Absolutely! It’s 100% natural ingredients and tested on humans. I ensure only a safe level of essential oils are used, about half that would be used for humans (so it may not smell as strong as some human soaps but it smells divine nonetheless).

    How long does it last?

    There’s no shelf life on it – basically it will keep for ages only the smell of the essential oils will decrease over time. Over time it’s extremely cost effective when compared to commercial shampoo. One bar will wash approx. 20 small dogs.

    Are there any dogs who shouldn’t use it?

    It’s not ideal for Cockerpoo’s as their coats need conditioning as well as washing. It’s not ideal for pregnant bitches or puppies under 14 weeks who are more sensitive to the essential oils.